Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC is your professional inspection company serving the Carolinas. Before signing on the dotted line, request an inspection. We’ll arm you with the facts so you can make a wise offer — or not. Read our reviews and then call us at (704) 624-8444 today. We also have a sister business for residential inspections.

Owner Arvil Price has been working in the industry since 1990 and is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials. He is also a licensed commercial building contractor and a licensed Realtor. In addition, he’s working on his CCIM designation to become an expert in commercial and investment real estate. Safeguard your financial future with Arvil and Americas Choice.

Who Should Order Inspections?

The short answer is anyone who is thinking of purchasing, managing, leasing, or investing in a commercial building. Typically, we work with the following clients:

  1. Owners and investors — If you are an owner or investor in the industrial, hospitality, condo, or other commercial market or are considering becoming one, it’s important to order a comprehensive property condition assessment (PCA). Don’t settle for just an environmental inspection, structural assessment, or roof assessment — get the full picture, not a snapshot of one part of a complicated structure.
  2. Tenants/users — The ideal time to schedule an assessment with a building inspector is prior to signing a lease. Don’t move a business into a building until you know its current condition and any projected capital replacement costs.
  3. Facility manager — Managers need to keep informed of any present or future repairs or replacements. Customer, tenant, and employee safety and security should always be top priority. In addition to a property assessment, you can also order environmental assessments and testing to check for mold, lead, radon, and other hazards. Running short on time? Ask how we can help with facilities management too.
  4. Commercial Lenders — Banks and other financial institutions often order building inspections as part of the loan approval process.

Standard Process

Americas Choice will collect some preliminary information about the building that will be inspected. After that we’ll prepare a detailed proposal that includes the price of the inspection, a tentative start date, and an expected finish date. On the finish date, you will receive a detailed report explaining our assessment. The inspection assesses the following things: structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, interiors, vertical lift system, and life/safety/fire protection equipment.

Request an Inspection

For more information about us or to schedule a commercial property inspection, contact Americas Choice at (704) 624-8444. Rest assured that we’ll put our experience, knowledge, and consistency to work for you in the Charlotte area and beyond, including Raleigh and Asheville.