Before you invest in a commercial property, it’s important to know what happens during a commercial building inspection, and what you can expect to find out about the property. At Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC, we will give you the information that you need to make wise business decisions. Let us take you through the process of a comprehensive commercial property inspection.

Commercial Building Inspection

Who Needs a Commercial Property Inspection?

We work with owners and investors, tenants/users, facility managers, and commercial lenders to provide commercial inspections. Basically, our clients are anyone who is thinking of purchasing, managing, leasing, or investing in a commercial building. We understand that commercial properties are an asset that will generate income, and we will provide you with the facts you need to make the most informed decisions.

What Is the Commercial Property Inspection Process?

Here is our PCA (property condition assessment) process that will empower you to make the right choice for your investment:

  1. Collection of preliminary information about the proposed building
  2. Preparation of a detailed proposal that includes the price of the inspection, a proposed start date, and an expected report delivery date
  3. Actual inspection- The client may be present for the assessment when possible.
  4. Delivery of report, which you can use to negotiate your best terms for purchasing or leasing the property

What Is Included in the Commercial Property Inspection?

A property inspector who is licensed, insured, and ASTM-certified (American Society for Testing and Materials) will inspect the commercial building and its components. They will assess the structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, interiors, vertical lift systems, and life/safety/fire protection equipment. We can also provide additional services such as Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, thermal imaging, as well as testing for things like mold, radon, and pests. Your commercial property inspection will include the approximate costs for any major components that need to be repaired or replaced within the next two years if the cost will exceed $3000.

Request An Inspection Today

If you need an inspection for your commercial property investment, then contact Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections at (704) 624-8444 for an appointment or request an inspection online. We have the experience, knowledge, and consistency required for your job, and you can even see what our customers are saying about us. We serve Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and surrounding NC areas.

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