Are you considering skipping the building inspection in order to fast track your real estate transaction? We at America’s Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC—along with every other commercial building inspector—respond with a resounding, “Don’t do it!” The benefits of a commercial property inspection far outweigh the short-term convenience of sealing the deal. Here’s why:

commercial building

1. Protect your investment.

Making decisions that affect your business is a big deal. While you may want to jump at the opportunity to lease or buy a commercial property, you don’t want to enter into an agreement you’ll later regret. You have a business, employees, and customers to consider. Don’t skip the building inspection just for the short-term gain of speeding up the real-estate process.

2. Make informed decisions.

A building inspection gives you information about a property you can’t get from just a walk-through or a seller’s disclosure. Often, the seller is unaware of certain building features or the condition of the property. You want a commercial property inspector who knows what to look for in a commercial property so you can be armed with all the info before making a decision.

3. Get the upper hand.

If concerns come up during the building inspection, this information often gives you, the buyer, an advantage. You and your realtor can decide how to use this information—you may choose to either be released from your contract or to negotiate for repairs or a lower purchase price.

Have we convinced you to schedule your property inspection? Contact America’s Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC today at (704) 624-8444. We’ll talk to you about your commercial property inspection, rates, and give you a free quote. Our North Carolina inspection company serves customers in and around Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh.

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