Finding the right building for your next business venture is a big undertaking. Don’t take this decision lightly; instead, make a well-informed decision with the help of Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC. Our commercial building inspectors will provide you with valuable insight with regard to the building’s current condition and any necessary repairs. In essence, a building inspection from Americas Choice helps business owners make wise investments.

Commercial Property Inspection

What Is a Commercial Building Inspection?

A commercial building inspection assesses the current condition of a commercial property. Additionally, our inspection reports include a cost analysis of any major components that will likely need to be repaired or replaced within the next two years. Our inspectors evaluate the following kinds of properties:

What Is Included with an Inspection?

The goal of an inspection is to provide the facts about the building’s condition, its components, and the surrounding property. During an assessment, we will inspect the following:

  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical 
  • Interior
  • Vertical lift system
  • Life/safety/fire/protection equipment
  • Parking lots and garages

Our goal is to point out any flaws with the structure and to determine how well each system is working. If something isn’t quite right, our cost analysis will help you determine if you can afford to fix the problem. Furthermore, for an additional fee, we can uncover any existing outstanding building code or fire code violations. 

Benefits of an Inspection

The most important thing you can do to ensure the future success of your business is this: schedule a building inspection before closing on a potential property. The inspection report serves as a powerful negotiating tool and helps you get a better price on the property. Furthermore, it allows you to plan ahead for any costly repairs and necessary upgrades. In effect, a commercial building inspection protects your business from surprises with the building and gives business owners time to make calculated financial decisions.

Request an Inspection

Before investing in a commercial property in Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh, or the surrounding NC areas, request an inspection with Americas Choice. Our licensed, insured, and ASTM-certified property inspectors will arm you with the information you need to make a sound investment. For more information, call (704) 624-8444.

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