In today’s world, it is more important than ever to make informed decisions to protect the well-being of your business. At America’s Choice Commercial Building Inspections, we take the guesswork out of purchasing commercial property. No matter what kind of business you manage, own, or operate, our building inspectors will give you a clearcut picture of the building’s condition and potential problems.

Commercial Building Inspections

Full-Service Property Inspector

At America’s Choice, we serve clients in every kind of industry. Our licensed, insured, and certified property inspectors are equipped to assess industrial buildings, retail and hospitality properties, apartment complexes and condos, and homes. So whether you are looking to lease an office building or purchase an apartment complex, we have the skills and expertise to perform a thorough inspection.

What’s Included in the Inspection?

When we inspect a property, we look over every aspect of the building from roof to foundation, interior and exterior. Specifically, our inspectors will evaluate:

  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Interiors
  • Vertical Lift Systems
  • Life/Safety/Fire/Protection Equipment

We also offer additional services, including Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, thermal imaging, and testing for mold, radon, and pests. 

Planning for the Future

Our goal at America’s Choice is to help our clients succeed. We achieve this goal by providing detailed reports and images of our findings as well as by helping our clients plan for future expenses. At the culmination of each inspection, our inspectors will provide estimates for the cost of any major components that may need repaired or replaced within the next two years. Simply put, our inspectors help protect you from unexpected future financial hardships.

Schedule an Inspection

If you are in the market for commercial property in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, or the surrounding NC communities, contact Americas Choice today. We will present you with a detailed proposal for the date of the inspection, including the cost of the inspection and the expected date of delivery of the inspection report. For more information, call us today at (704) 624-8444 or request an inspection online.

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