Charlotte is the up-and-coming real estate hot spot in North Carolina. As such, it’s as good a time as any to invest in a multi-family rental property in the area. But before you strike a deal on your on your next big business venture, invest in a comprehensive condo or apartment inspection. With the help of our team at Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC, you can make a confident and informed purchasing decision.

Charlotte Condo and Apartment Building Inspections

Buy While the Market Is Hot

If you’ve been debating when to invest in Charlotte real estate, now is the time! Charlotte is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. With a relatively low cost of living and increasing job opportunities, the city has become the largest metropolitan area between Washington D.C. and Atlanta. The city’s growth and economic stability make it a prime location to purchase and/or manage a multi-family rental property.

North Carolina Is Landlord Friendly

If you are new to the world of multi-family rental properties, the thought of becoming a landlord can be intimidating. But rest assured, North Carolina has some great systems in place that make it a prime location for landlords. There is no rent control or rent regulation in North Carolina, leaving it up to you to decide on the right rates for your property. Furthermore, the state has laws in place that make evictions swift and painless for landlords. 

Buy with Eyes Wide Open

Investing in a multi-family rental property is a big decision. With the help of Americas Choice, you can get a clear picture of the building’s current state along with an accurate assessment of projected capital improvement costs. Our commercial property inspectors are experienced, highly-trained, and consistent; they will assess the building’s structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, interiors, vertical lift systems, and life/safety/fire protection equipment. 

Request an Inspection 

At Americas Choice, it is our privilege to help our clients make sound investments at the best prices. The knowledge you receive in your detailed inspection report will allow you to negotiate a fair price on the property and determine future HOA fees. We make it easy to schedule an apartment or condo inspection. Simply request an inspection for a Charlotte-area property online, or call us at (704) 624-8444.

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