Good business owners carefully calculate the amount of risk they are willing to take before making a major investment. At Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC, we understand the power of knowledge when it comes to making a wise real estate investment. Before you buy or lease a commercial property, gain a clear picture of the property’s condition by ordering a commercial property inspection.

Commercial Property Inspection

Who Should Order an Inspection?

As a business owner, lessee, tenant, or investor, it is in your best interest to request an inspection before sealing the deal.  As an owner, investor, or facility manager, you want to ensure the safety of your tenants and employees, and receive a profitable return on your investment. Therefore, we recommend ordering a comprehensive property condition assessment prior to sealing the deal, as this will provide you with a clear picture of the condition of the entire property. Tenants should also request an inspection prior to moving a business into a building; this will allow him/her to know the building’s current condition and project capital replacement costs.

What Kind of Businesses Do We Work With?

At Americas Choice, it is our privilege to work with all kinds of businesses in Charlotte and surrounding NC areas. We inspect:

  • Office and Industrial Buildings – We inspect office complexes, hospitals, warehouses, and more. Our highly trained inspectors will survey every aspect of the property, including parking lots and garages, roofs and floors, vertical lift systems, cladding and glazing, and electrical systems.
  • Retail Spaces and Hotels – Retail complexes and hotels are customer-focused, so it is essential to consider the well-being of your customers from the very start. As part of the inspection, we will evaluate the life, safety, fire, and protection systems of the facility to be sure everything is fully operational.
  • Multi-family Buildings – Investing in apartment complexes and condos is a big decision. Our inspectors will give you a comprehensive picture of the property’s current condition, and future repair and replacement costs. In this industry, it is crucial to think ahead and financially prepare for the future.

Request a Commercial Inspection Today

All of Americas Choice property inspectors are trained in the American Society for Testing and Materials standards for PCAs. With years of experience and training, you will not find a better inspection agency anywhere in North Carolina.  To schedule your commercial property inspection, contact us today at (704) 624-8444 or request an inspection online.

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