Property management—whether you own one unit or a multi-unit apartment complex in Charlotte—can be more than a full-time job. An apartment with problems only turns into more of a hassle than a source of income, so you want to do your best to choose your properties wisely. It’s an investment, right? One way to protect you and your cash flow is to get an apartment inspection from Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC.

apartment inspection

At Americas Choice, we specialize in inspecting multi-family units like condos or apartments. Our trained and certified commercial inspectors regularly check properties throughout Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh. We take a thorough look not only at the property’s structure, but also its systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.), roof, exterior, foundation, and more. We help you look for issues that may be troublesome for tenants so you can be preemptive in fixing them prior to renting out the unit.

But that’s not all. Americas Choice goes one step further. In addition to the traditional as-is inspection, we also help you anticipate future concerns. For example, our inspector may observe that the water heater is within a year of its warranty or that you can expect the roof needing replacement within the next three years. These details are abundantly helpful when you’re trying to factor in all the costs of a rental unit.

Don’t trust your property-management future to luck or an educated guess. We’ll gladly send a team member to take a look at your apartment or apartment complex, walk you through a detailed inspection report, and help you consider what the property may need in the coming years. We can even include a quote for ongoing facilities management, in case you’re ready to hand that task over to another professional.

Contact Americas Choice at (704) 624-8444 during regular business hours to schedule an apartment inspection, or request an inspection online at any time.

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