People often think of commercial property in terms of business buildings in a downtown urban city. Of course, these properties qualify as commercial real estate. However, commercial real estate includes a variety of property types. Accordingly, different people beyond the property owner utilize, live in, visit, and manage these properties. Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC. can perform a commercial building inspection for several types of people concerning these properties, and this article covers four of them. 

4 Types of People Who Benefit From A Commercial Building Inspection

1. Commercial Property Owners and Investors

Let’s start with the obvious. Clearly, anyone who purchases, owns, or invests in a commercial property needs a commercial building inspection. Specifically, we encourage a comprehensive property condition assessment (PCA). PCAs are comprehensive, and review all aspects of a property, which provides a holistic, in-depth view.

Structural assessments and environmental inspections are great tools, but they only cover specific aspects of a property. As a result, we strongly suggest a PCA for the following types of commercial property types when looking to purchase or invest:

2. Tenants/Lessees

When people rent or lease a new residential or commercial property, they don’t often think about getting an inspection, but they should. First, unkempt structures tell you how well the owner or property manager does or doesn’t maintain the building. Second, things that seem to be in working order may actually be on their last leg, and it’s good to know what’s problematic. Third, some leases may burden tenants with repairs on certain property components.

Signing a lease typically obligates you to an extended period of time in the structure. For all these reasons, investing in a commercial building inspection either provides assurance or avoids the legal obligation a signed lease mandates. 

3. Facilities Managers

Facilities managers have an obligation to a building’s tenants, customers, and employees to deliver a good working or living environment. With effective facilities management, managers equip the people who occupy their buildings to live and work without constraints caused by property issues. Consequently, managers should add a commercial building inspection to the periodic maintenance list. 

In addition to the structure, facilities managers are also tasked with maintaining a healthy environment. For instance, everything from indoor air quality to mold, radon, and more can impact a building’s tenants. Therefore, specialty inspections supplement general inspections to ensure all bases are covered. Would you please let us know if you need Facilities Management Services

4. Commercial Lenders

Commercial lenders require inspections as part of the loan origination and approval process. Inspections determine whether issues exist and to what degree. Further, good inspectors communicate potential threats and emerging issues even though they may function in their current state. We partner with numerous commercial property lenders to provide timely, thorough inspections.

Need an Inspection?

Complicated structures require comprehensive inspections. At Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC., we deliver detailed inspections for commercial and residential properties in Charlotte and beyond. At least, that’s what our customers say. When you’re ready, give us a call at (704) 624-8444 to schedule an inspection, or make your life easier and request an inspection online

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