When you are considering an investment in a commercial property, you must be prepared with the right questions for your inspector. Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC can give you an accurate glimpse of your investment so that you can make the most informed decision. Here are four questions that you should ask your commercial building inspector to help guide your choice of whether or not to invest.

Commercial Building Inspections

1. Is The Building Inspector Licensed?

You should always choose a commercial building inspector with the appropriate licensing and experience. America’s Choice owner, Avril Price, began his career in the industry as a home inspector in 1990. Along with holding a commercial building contractor’s license and a real estate license, he serves on the Charlotte regional commercial board of real estate and holds membership in the Commercial Board of Inspectors Network. Americas Choice is licensed and insured, and all inspectors are trained in the American Society for Testing and Materials standards for property condition assessments.

2. Which Systems Should Be Repaired First?

All of the commercial inspection reports from Americas Choice will include the approximate cost for any major component that will most likely need to be repaired or replaced within the next two years, and where the cost will exceed $3,000. This allows you to accurately project capital replacement costs in your investment cash-flow analysis.

3. Are There Any Safety Hazards?

This one is important, as any safety issues will need to be addressed immediately. These issues may also indicate that the property is not a sound investment. In addition to the components that we assess during a commercial property inspection, we can also provide additional services such as Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, thermal imaging, and testing for things like mold, radon, and pests.

4. What Is the Condition of the Roof?

Make sure that your property condition assessment includes the roof. If the roof is not assessed, then you may have issues with getting the building insured, especially if there is damage present. Our inspectors will always assess a building’s roof as part of the commercial property inspection. Along with the roof, we will assess the structure, exterior, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, interiors, vertical lift systems, and life/safety/fire/protection equipment.

Request a Commercial Property Inspection 

Americas Choice understands that you need all the facts to make wise business decisions, and we, therefore, empower decision-makers with our comprehensive commercial property inspections. Contact us at (704) 624-8444 today to request an inspection. We assess properties in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding area including Asheville and Raleigh.

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