As a business person, you know the power of a well-informed decision. At Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspectors, LLC, we provide business owners, managers, and investors with a solid foundation for decision making. Along with our usual commercial property inspections, we also perform thermal imaging. By scanning the building with an infrared camera, our inspectors can detect the following four issues:

Thermal Imaging for Your Commercial Property Inspection

1. Energy Loss

If you want to know you are purchasing an energy-efficient building, thermal imaging is the way to go. With an infrared camera, we can determine if heat is escaping through walls, ceilings, floors, windows, or doors. We can also see if the building’s radiant heating and cooling systems are working and/or leaking. Furthermore, an infrared camera easily detects broken seals in double-paned windows as well as other structural defects that lead to energy loss throughout the building.

2. Moisture Intrusion

An infrared camera can also detect excessive moisture. Issues such as plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and leaks in the foundation are readily detected through thermal imaging. If moisture is present in any area of the building, it is likely that mold is also present. Fortunately, our inspectors are trained and equipped to perform mold inspections and can give you a detailed report on the health and safety of the building.

3. Hot Spots

Thermal imaging provides peace of mind for potential buyers by eliminating potential fire hazards. Things like circuit breakers in need of replacement, overloaded and undersized circuits, overheated electrical equipment, and other electrical faults leave a heat signature that only an infrared camera can detect. 

4. Pest Infestation

Infrared cameras are also effective at locating pest infestations. Wood-destroying insects leave a trail of heat loss everywhere they go. And larger pests and rodents cannot hide their heat signatures from an infrared camera.

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No matter your line of work, a commercial property inspector from Americas Choice can help you make the right choice for your financial future. We proudly inspect industrial buildings, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, and more in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and surrounding NC areas. Contact us today at (704) 624-8444 to learn more about our thermal imaging services or to request your commercial building inspection.


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