Building Inspection TipsYou’ve been in the process of acquiring a commercial property in Charlotte, NC, for a while now. You wanted to be sure to select just the right building for your business because so much rides on the right location and price point. You’ve finally settled on a building in your favorite part of town, and you’re ready to move forward with the property inspection. As you prepare for the inspection process, here are a few tips from our pro team at Americas Choice Commercial Building Inspections, LLC.

1. Be present at the inspection.

While your presence at the building inspection isn’t required, we highly recommend that the buyer be there. That way, you can walk the building with the inspector, ask questions as you go, and get a full understanding of the property’s condition. We capture as many details as possible in the inspection report, but nothing compares to your presence at the actual inspection.

2. Ask questions.

Make a list of questions or concerns you might have before your inspection. That way, you can have a conversation with your property inspector before getting started, and he or she can pay special attention to your concerns. Also, if questions come up after the inspection or as you read the report, just ask! Our team is always on hand to help.

3. Read through the inspection report thoroughly.

When the inspection is complete, you will get a full, detailed report from our office as soon as possible. Be sure to read through the report word for word, and ask any questions that might arise. This document is important for your understanding of the property’s condition and your investment in it. Your next real-estate steps will be based on this document, so you’ll want to be sure to know it in and out.

To find out more about our team at Americas Choice or to schedule your property inspection, contact us today at (704) 624-8444. We specialize in commercial building inspections throughout Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh, NC.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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